Own your story

Sometimes when you think about your life – you don’t feel that it is grand, full of encouragement or one that makes a statement worth of mention in the greater scheme of things.

Many of us shy away when it’s time to share personal stories. You think, who will listen, it is shameful, how can I expose the dirt in my past. It seems as though you will lose out.

The truth is your story is unique. Your life is beautiful and worth speaking about. As a child of God, Jesus is the Author of your life – writing every detail of your life. Every comma, period, exclamation mark and paragraph is essential and makes it all a beautiful story.

In the past post about ‘When it’s time to bloom‘, we discussed about the seasons of life. Your story is very important when it’s time to bloom. Many people will be inspired and spurred on to growth by hearing how you went through the trenches to make it on the other side.

It’s time to own your story, even as the Author continues to weave the tapestry of it into a treasure so coveted that you too will marvel at it’s grandness.

Will you own your story? Will you take the journey to tell it with conviction & boldness?


A God-fearing girl who loves to share hope and coach people to rise into their calling helping them to see their uniqueness for such a time as this!

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