When it’s Time to Bloom

We go through life in different seasons and have to be cognizant that seasons are not constant, they are always changing.

It is therefore imperative that you recognize which season you are in at the moment by being appreciative of every step along the way.

Nature and specifically flowers & flowering trees have their own seasons to bloom, for most being the spring. In Kenya, that time happens to be in late September and beginning October.

Some flowers may not bloom when others are blooming, and you have to wonder why:

  • Some trees take longer to bloom while others don’t simply because of how mature they are.
  • Depending on the plants need for light or shade, where they are grown could influence if they will bloom or not.
  • The environment they are in could be stressful for the plant stifling the good growth of the plants.

Just as nature, human beings have a season for blooming. Your maturity in character through testing in life will determine how fast the season comes. Challenges and disappointments are meant to grow you, but if you focus on the negative effects, you are simply lengthening the time it takes to bloom.

You may thrive better hidden from the limelight in a certain season. It is necessary to appreciate the hiddenness before the times of the great unveiling. Like an actress in a play, the curtain at the stage separates you from the audience. Until your turn comes, you can only wait and look forward to have fun on the other side in expression of your art.

Depending on the circumstances you are in, at work, friends or family – the environment you may find yourself could be the very places that cause the most pain. Sometimes you may need to separate yourself for a time so that you can thrive.

Your time to bloom may be here, or it is soon coming. It may be even be distant for all we know. Enjoy whatever season you are in now, because the journey makes the wait worthwhile. You have something to offer the world, a special gift that only you alone can uniquely bring it out.

As Thomas Eddison said, ‘Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.’ One thing is for sure, your time to bloom will surely come, you just need to be ready to do the work when it does.


A God-fearing girl who loves to share hope and coach people to rise into their calling helping them to see their uniqueness for such a time as this!

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