Conviction and Boldness

A conviction is a firmly held belief in something. One no one can shake you easily out of, even if they present reality. Bold people have deep convictions that they pursue with vigor. They are able to counter any challenges they encounter without flinching. They are fearless and unmoved in the face of great danger. Their reality is not based on their circumstances but on truth.

A conviction is more of less a vision. An ideal picture of what the future holds that can and should be pursued. Bold people see the world differently and want to paint it just how they see it.

Truth and reality are different. Reality as we know it is subjective. Two people who have undergone similar experiences can have dissimilar realities. An example is two brothers who grew up in a home with an alcoholic father. The firstborn son grows up into a successful man in the business world. His brother on the other hand, barely made it out of school, has never held a job and is also an alcoholic himself. The firstborn’s reality is that alcoholism ruined his father’s future and he decided his own would be different. He kept off from drugs on purpose and has been a teetotaler his whole life. The other son reasoned that his father was having fun and seemed to enjoy his life in spite of other people’s opinion, so he chooses to have fun too.

The character of boldness with convictions

  • Bold people are sincere and true to a cause. They live for something greater than themselves. They may not be right in their approach, but they are so convicted that they cannot but act on their convictions.
  • Bold people don’t overthink. They strategize and take steps of faith to walk in the direction of their dreams.
Image by Pexels from Pixabay
  • Bold people don’t walk in crowds. Much like the eagle, who only flies in the company of eagles – bold people stay away from the masses. They have people around them who are equally bold.


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