Choose to Be Bold

Boldness is a character trait that enters into a room and there is a shush. Yet it is not loud or disruptive. It is quiet and respectful. Bold people are not necessarily the celebrity or a highly influencial (wo)man seated at the front in a meeting. Simply, boldness is not reserved only for a few.

My desire is that this blog will be a place where you and I will discover what it means to be BOLD and to embody boldness. It will be an epic journey where you will question your beliefs, emotions and thoughts. You will consider how you relate as a single or married person; or a parent, daughter, son or sibling. It will be the ride of your life.

I believe your I-Dent-ity is key in this discovery. It is a pillar on the foundation of why you will be bold. Buckle up and let’s dive in – the world is waiting for you to walk into your destiny in boldness and all that it entails!


A God-fearing girl who loves to share hope and coach people to rise into their calling helping them to see their uniqueness for such a time as this!

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